Hoteles Capsula Machupicchu

capsule hotels machu picchu

Reestablish the link with nature

Our accommodations at Hoteles Capsula Machu Picchu have been crafted to foster an ambiance of relaxation and reconnection. We minimize the environmental impact of technology, enabling us to better connect with the natural world around us.

Includes shared transportation from/to your hotel in Cusco to Santa Teresa

discover the comfort and functionality of our capsules.

Forget about traditional rooms and immerse yourself in an innovative lodging experience. Our capsules are designed with your comfort and functionality in mind, with a modern and minimalist style that will provide you with a unique space for your rest. Enjoy a cozy and perfectly equipped environment to make you feel at home, without sacrificing comfort.


Experience luxury and nature in harmony

Wake up to a breathtaking view of the mountains, the sea or the city in a unique capsule hotel. Our capsules offer a modern and comfortable accommodation experience, with everything you need for a memorable stay.
A capsule with a large window offering a panoramic view of a breathtaking landscape.

nature in a capsule hotel with a mountain view

A capsule hotel with a breathtaking view of a mountainous landscape. The capsule is built with modern materials such as glass and metal, and has a curvilinear shape that gives it a futuristic look.

locations with spectacular views

Capsule hotels offer you the opportunity to stay in locations with breathtaking views that would normally be inaccessible for the price. Enjoy a sunset from the comfort of your bed or contemplate the stars in a clear sky. Capsule hotels allow you to live a unique and unforgettable experience, combining comfort, affordable price and incredible views.